Culinary Intern

Ridgedale, MO
Depends on Experience 
Full Time

Culinary Training Plan


While learning through work, an intern at BIG CEDAR LODGE will have the opportunity to work with a variety of trained chefs, as well as chef graduates of various culinary schools and a variety of chef apprenticeship programs.

The intern will work weekly rotations through various stations of each food and beverage outlet, including:

The internship will include rotations to some of the following :

Top of the Rock-

*Osage Restaurant

*Arnie’s Barn Restaurant

Home to the PGA Tournament of Champions

Big Cedar Lodge

*Devils Pool Restaurant

Conference Center Kitchen


*Bake Shop

*Banquet Kitchen


Training Chronology

Consistency is very important to us, therefore as a member of the Big Cedar Lodge and Top of the Rock Culinary team our minimum expectation, is that all recipes and plate specifications are followed;

Devil’s Pool Restaurant

Working under the direction of Executive Sous Chef/Sous Chef

Breakfast Preparation:

Cook eggs for breakfast: Over easy, up, poached scrambled, etc. Cook pancakes, waffles, oatmeal and grits.  Breakfast meats, potatoes and various side dishes.

Lunch Hot Line:

          Grilled hot items, sandwiches, hamburgers and other specialty items.

          Smoked Meats, smoked chicken, brisket, ribs. 

Devil’s Pool Omelet Station:

Operation of station during daily breakfast buffet.  Responsibilities include:

Making omelet to order, ordered by the resort guests.  Involves direct interaction with guest.

          Carving breakfast meats.

          Making waffles to order.

This station includes our high volume Sunday Brunch which averages 1000 plus guests.

Devil’s Pool Garde Manager:

Responsible for all cold food.

Serving Devil’s Pool Restaurant, the Buzzard Bar and Room Service.  This station’s duties include:

Cold appetizers, salads and desserts.

          Also, includes amenities for VIP Room Service.

Devil’s Pool  Back Station

Responsible for replenishing food to cooks on hot line: i.e. Food Runner.

Prepping of food product for line, and for the following day.Including some food orders from the Buzzard Bar and Room Service.

Devil’s Pool Fry Station

Fry Station includes:

          Frying of various Products Including Fish, Country Fried Steak, Chicken.

          Also, includes some hot appetizers.

          Maintains station that services Devil’s Pool Restaurant, Buzzard Bar, Room Service, and Pool Side Dining.

Devil’s Pool Grill Station

Grill Station responsible for fabricating and grilling of meat, fish and poultry. Ensuring food items are stored appropriately.

Devil’s Pool Sauté Station

Responsible for preparing and cooking pasta dishes, vegetable sides and smoking prime rib daily.

Has involvement with writing nightly specials.  This station also services the same food outlets. It produces upwards of 600 per night.


Osage Restaurant

Under the direction of the Executive Sous Chef/Sous Chef

Oven Station

Set up, operate and maintain a wood burning pizza oven. Baked appetizers, pizza’s assist the appetizer station.

App Station

Responsible for preparing and cooking hot appetizers, including, Scallops, Lamb, Oysters.

Sauté Station

Responsible for pasta dishes, finishing sauces and searing fish and seafood.

Middle Station

Responsible for  preparing and cooking some recipes,plating entrees, calling tickets and orchestrating service

Vegetable Station

Responsible for Vegan, Vegetarian dishes, entrée sides

Dessert Station

           Responsible for plating A la Carte desserts, firing bread, meat and cheese board 

Grill Station

          Responsible for fabricating meats and fish including, pork, beef, fish and chicken


Arnie’s Barn Restaurant

Under the direction of the Executive Sous Chef/Sous Chef

Taco/Oven Station

Responsible for all taco menu items including frying fish, pork, beef and hot appetizers

Middle Station

Responsible for calling tickets, plating entrees, ensuring food is hot and tickets are accurate

Grill Station

Responsible for all grilled items including, corn, carne asada, burgers, fish, chicken

Garnish Station

Responsible for garnishing all plates as per specifications, also responsible for pulling food, tickets and ensuring the food is hot and accurate. This is the last culinary point of contact before the dish reaches the guest.

Garde Manger Station

          Responsible for desserts, salads and cold appetizers

Prep Station

  Responsible for filling prep pars as set by the Sous Chef and supporting with service as needed.


Conference Center Kitchen

Under the direction of the Banquet Chef/Sous Chef/Pastry Lead


Responsible for Mis-en-Place for outlets including, smoking ribs, pork shoulder, slicing deli meats, hand breaded and fried chicken wings, soups, stocks, sauces


Service of Resort Banquets and Offsite Events.

Breakfast, lunch, receptions, dinners, buffets, brunches, and plated.

Involves all areas of cooking.Hot and cold.As well as execution from start to finish.  Production varies from 7 to 700.


Baking of bread loaves, hamburger buns, hotdog buns, breakfast pastries, A la Carte desserts for all outlets, cedar cookies, brunch pastries


Training Objectives

At the start of the Internship, a Training Log will be distributed to each Intern.  This Log encompasses all areas that the Intern will be exposed to and the Intern is expected to make routine Log entries throughout the program.  Pictures, menus, recipes, etc. are encouraged to be included into the Log by every Intern, for future reference.  The Culinary Intern will be observed in each of the assigned areas of the program, by supervising Chefs, as well as by the Resort’s Executive Chef.  In each phase of the training program, the Intern will be monitored to determine that he/she has a sufficient working knowledge of that phase to advance to the next unit.  It is the responsibility of the Intern to present the Training Log book periodically to the supervising Chefs for signature as the various training phases are completed.  At regular intervals, the Log books are collected by the Executive Chef for review and evaluation.  While demonstrated mastery of each station is not necessary, the Intern should be able to establish a strong familiarization with the various aspects of each station and be able to perform to a basic level in each capacity of each station.  Depending on the Intern’s expertise, as determined by the Executive Chef, certain time allotments may be revised to allow more training towards proficiency in areas lacking sufficient experience.

The Culinary Arts require extensive hands-on experience as opposed to strictly classroom or theoretical training.  There are many aspects of food preparation which cannot be adequately learned without actually preparing meals.  The various Human senses must be involved in effectively learning how to combine countless ingredients together, that cannot be learned strictly through books or seminars.  One must experience the smells, tastes, touch and visual appeal of various food items in order to satisfactorily learn the Culinary Arts.

Intern Orientation

General information, as well as living arrangements if any, is communicated previous to the arrival of the Intern, via telephone and mail.  The intern will also attend a two day Orientation with a Human Resource representative, upon completion of this this, the intern  will be met by one or a number of the culinary leadership team to be escorted to their respective areas. On day three they will go through a culinary orientation where they will be shown around the entire culinary department including purchasing and receiving, if not already done so they will complete the Taney County Food Handlers course provided by Big Cedar Lodge.

Cultural Activities

Branson, located in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, offers many entertainment activities including performance or movie theaters, restaurants and many outdoor activities.  Water-related activities (i.e. fishing, boating, swimming and skiing) are particularly popular due to the lakes in our vicinity.