Operations Content Visual Specialist

Ridgedale, Mo
Big Cedar Lodge
Depends on Experience  Annual
Full Time

Position Summary:

One of the most important aspects of this position is the continuous building of relationships with operations, leadership, and any customer-facing employee. While incorporating eye catching web content for future arriving guests, and learn as much as possible about problems, struggles, and most common questions customers have so the company can produce valuable content for guests.  This candidate will be bridging the gap between the marketing/visual content department and other departments in the organization.


Essential Functions:

  • Partner to create interactive content that can be as simple as checklists, tip-sheets, and infographics, or longer, more detailed offerings 
  • Promote the content through various mediums with certain deadlines
  • Determining where the audience is in their journey to decide which content to promote
  • Promote one piece at a time or do a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly email roundup of the most important pieces of content you’ve created since the last notification
  • Repurpose Content- always be looking for ways to reach new audiences by catering to their varied learning preferences
  • Refreshing Existing Content created by other team members or yourself
  • Administration work as needed
  • Perform other tasks as needed, directed, or assigned
  • Creative, outwork thinking individual- always creating new ideas


Candidate Profile:

  • Extremely strong skillset for writing and editing content
  • Address questions guests of the resort are asking (painting their picturesque experience before arrival)
  • Understanding the company’s voice and how to connect with your audience and guests
  • High school diploma or GED and/or some college certificate in web design/communication
  • Be able to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Very approachable, friendly, inspired individual


Knowledge, Skills, and Ability:

  • Proficient in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher
  • Design programs
  • Digital Content
  • Prioritize project from management
  • Communication within department and all departments on property
  • Work weekends/holidays as needed
  • Advanced Computer Skills- Adobe Creative, Cloud, WordPress, JavaScript
  • Law and Government knowledge of laws, legal codes, precedents
  • Analytical and critical thinker
  • Excellent guest service
  • High Work Standards
  • Organized and Plans ahead
  • Problem solving with quick and efficient decision making